10 Things Every Diaper Bag Needs

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If you’re a seasoned mom then you know the diaper bag is where it’s at. It’s like having an extra-large purse, or a really small suitcase with you at all times. With some trial and error I have compiled a list of the top 10 things I believe every diaper bag should have that often get over looked. So for all you new moms I hope this helps!

#1. The bag

The bag itself is the most important. Like I said, it’s your whole life while you’re out and about with a baby. Think pockets, special compartments, organization etc. don’t just pick out any diaper bag because it’s cute and matches the nursery. My all-time favorite bag isn’t anything fancy but I love it! And it’s under $30. You can purchase it here It has everything that I was looking for in a diaper bag. It has Insulated compartments for keeping bottles hot or cold. The special lining on the inside can hold all of your tech gadgets without getting scratched, and every pocket is assigned with a tag so you know where everything goes. Another bag I love is this multi function bag by SUNVENO. For you backpack wearers this one from Columbia is amazing!

#2. Ditch those diapers

Don’t be embarrassed by the rotten stench coming form that diaper. You need to invest in some disposable diaper bags. Keep them in your diaper bag for when you need to change your baby in someone’s house, because throwing it in the trash to linger in the air is a no-no. Just throw it in the bag, tie it and forget about it.

#3. Breathe right

A nose suction? Really? YES! You will be surprised how many times a day your little one gets a clogged nose. So bring the suction with you. My favorite nose sucker are the ones I got to take home from the hospital, but sadly could never find them in stores. Most baby brands make a nose sucker you can purchase and keep as a backup in the diaper bag.

#4. Diaper cream

This one seems obvious right? I have found that keeping a few kinds in the bag is the best bet. The pediatrician swears by A&D ointment. Others have better luck with Destin. If you have tried both with no success then I will put my life on the line and say I found 1 cream that never disappoints! It’s called Dr. Sirlin’s ointment. It’s very hard to get your hands on, but if you can, grab it. Or two or three.

#5. Warm those feet

You should know to keep an extra set of clothes should a diaper explosion happen, but don’t forget extra pairs of socks. Spit up doesn’t always land on your shoulder, and babies tend to kick socks of too. If you’re not paying attention, that sock will get left behind somewhere.

#6. Stay smooth

Especially during those grueling cold month’s you need to keep moisturizer with you. Those precious little cheeks can crack so easily. Two of my favorite skin protectants are baby aquaphor and olive babies skin protectant ointment. Re-apply on face while you’re out and about to prevent wind burn.

#7 cover up

An extra blanket is a must have. You never know what is going to happen while you’re out and about. If it makes your bag too bulky, just keep an extra blanket in your car or the stroller. Also, don’t forget a super chic nursing cover.

#8. Hydrate

Don’t forget a bottle of water. You may need it for formula, or to keep yourself from getting parched. This little contraption is perfect for feeding on the go. It’s an adapter that turns water bottles into baby bottles. It also fits on ready made bottles too. You need this in your life.

#9. First aid kit

Gas drops, teething relief, fever reducer. It’s always a good idea to keep medicine with you when you have kids.

#10. Germ free

Hand sanitizer is the most overlooked product that should stay with you at all times. You can get amazing scents and cute carriers from almost anywhere these days.

I hope this list helps you remember the little things that you shouldn’t leave the house without.

Happy momming!



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