I’m guessing you’re reading this page because you want to get to know me a little better. This is pretty awkward for me, but how else are you going to know who I am or what I’m all about.

I wanted to start this website for 2 reasons. I hear all the time, how creative I am, when I make gifts or cook for people. I wanted somewhere to jot down what I have done because other people might be just as inspired as I was during that project. Reason 2 being; I love everything I do. I love coming up with new recipes my family will enjoy and I love giving homemade gifts more than store bought ones.

Alrighty, here we go… I was born and still live in Indiana. Once a Hoosier, always a Hoosier. Throughout junior high and high school I was on the dance team. I loved every minute of it, and had so many memorable times.

I still enjoy dancing, but just around the kitchen, and with enough wine, at weddings. When I have the whole day to myself, I can read an entire book. I am obsessed with my cat, Clovus. He was my first love and has been a part of my life since 2008. I thought, at the time, that it was a good idea to accept a kitten from someone, without asking my parents first, and I snuck him home in my purse. Obviously they found out and were not too pleased with me. It took a lot of begging, but he has been part of the family ever since. (Spoiled rotten too)

baby clovus

Now on to my second love, and my favorite adult human being; my incredible, marvelous husband. I met him at my best friend’s house, the summer after graduation. I wasn’t too fond of him at first, but after getting to know him, I fell for him. We still laugh about how wrong some of our dates went. Our very first date was dinner and a movie. He spilled salsa on his shirt at dinner and when we got to the theatre, the movie was sold out, so we ended up seeing monsters vs. aliens. (How romantic) I was relieved when he asked me out on that second date, and I’m glad he did.

first picture                                                                               Our first picture!

Our lives changed forever in 2010. We were extremely blessed when our first daughter, Elle, arrived into the world. It was the scariest, best thing that has ever happened to either one of us, and we fell in love with her immediately. Watching a child grow, is the most rewarding part of life. Elle is a very interesting and determined child. She finds a bright side in every situation, she defiantly gets her positive thinking from Blake. There have been times where I question my sanity, but she keeps me on my toes, always.

bent00218  With a family under our belt, we said bye to our parents, and moved into our first place. It was a little townhouse, and perfect for the three of us. It is there that I began experimenting with food, and basically learning to cook. We couldn’t always go shop around for décor, so I would just make things myself. My creative side really evolved in that little townhouse, and I will cherish those memories of learning about what I was really capable of.

I should mention now that my family is very important to me. They are my support system, my cheerleaders, and saving grace. I also wouldn’t be anything without my girls. I don’t have many close girlfriends, but the ones I do have, hold a very special place in my heart.


We said “I do” in 2014 in front of all of our friends and family. Our wedding was one for the books. Filled with so much laughter and love from everyone. Being able to marry my best friend, was the one of the happiest days of my life.

wedding veil

In 2015, we got to welcome the most perfect addition to our family.  Our 2nd daughter, Ry, was born. I was a little rusty, I hadn’t held or cared for a newborn since Elle, which was 5 years ago. Now that she is beginning to explore, I remember how truly special it is to watch that. Our house is now full of girls, isn’t Blake so lucky?

the girls

2016 We said goodbye to our townhouse, and hello to our new house. We are finally homeowners!! It’s the perfect fixer upper that we can enjoy for many years. I have a long list of projects, and things that I want to do. I hope that other people can relate to me and what I’m doing, and want to learn about life together.

You are amazing if you got this far, and hopefully you got to know me a little better. Make sure to follow me for delicious recipes, easy DIY’s and other fun things!

Some of my favorites:

Bacon mushroom swiss stuffed burger

Nautical ship wheel sign

Stuffed fried mushrooms




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