Gallery Wall Ideas : How to design a gallery wall

Gallery wall

If you are looking for a change, or just want to spruce up your walls, this post is for you! A gallery wall is a great way to add uniqueness to any room. It is based off of your personality, and gives your wall that much needed “umph” that most of us are looking for. In simple designs and props, your gallery wall tells a story of your home, or at least the room it’s in.

When deciding on a gallery wall, there are a few things you should think about:

  • A theme ( colors, pictures, quotes, materials)
  • How big a space you want to fill on your wall
  • Your focal point piece

Deciding on a theme for your gallery wall

Figure out what colors and materials fit best in the space. What kind of look are you going for? Stuck? Browse some photos online or Pinterest for inspiration. I went for browns, grays, wood, and steel. Most of these pieces were found at Hobby Lobby. They have a huge selection of unfinished wood products that you can finish the you want.

I love the look of arrows, and wanted to use quite a few of them. I bought one from hobby lobby, and I made the other two. I found an old piece of pallet wood in the garage and used it for pictures, that could be switched out for different holidays. I purchased picture frames in various sizes, and found some signs and a letter B in steel. If you can’t tell, my focal point is the clock.

You can find the instructions to build this clock yourself here. For the arrows I used a 1 x 2 piece of wood, cut at 45 degrees, stained and attached them together with a small bracket. To display the pictures I stained a piece of wood, hot glued some glittery clothespins, and attached picture hangers to the back. Super simple!

How big of a space to fill

As I mentioned before, use images online and on Pinterest to find inspiration, but to also see the many different layout options you have. There are so many ways to arrange your pieces together and even more ways to display them. It’s up to you on the layout, find one or design one that best suites your needs.

Start placing your pieces in the layout you want, keeping in mind the amount of space you have to work with. When arranging mine on the floor I used a couple of brooms and TV remotes for a [very] rough outline. Try different placement for each piece, maybe two things look better beside each other rather than on the opposite end.

gallery wall

Building your wall is all about filling empty spaces, or gaps around your focal point. Even if you don’t have a focal point, your wall should still look uniform.

How to transfer onto the wall?

I have seen so many ways to do this. You can trace the outline of everything on a giant piece of paper and nail the wall where your piece will go. More instructions here. Or you can measure everything and mark the wall, then nail or screw into mark.

My method? To eyeball it. I took a picture on my phone and focused only on my focal piece, the clock. I decided where I wanted the clock to sit, then one by one eyeballed each piece from there. I could tell roughly how far apart I had things, and was able to keep the look without a mark on the wall. (At least from a marker, I am terrible with a hammer)

You can use nails, screws, hooks, anchors, adhesive hooks etc. to hang your pieces. They should be sturdy, especially if you have little ones wandering around.

You can leave the wall plain, or dress it up with furniture. I added a cushion and some fabric to an old piano bench and called it a day. Eventually, I would love to make a buffet cabinet to put there instead. Still, I get so many compliments, and questions about my gallery wall, it really speaks for itself.

gallery wall

Find out how I made this Wood pallet clock here.

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